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Files for the upcoming month are available to active Southwest pilots for $20 each.  After first round bids close, files are available free, along with the prior month's files and spreadsheet explanations.
March Spreadsheets:
The spreadsheets for March, 2016 are now available.

Some customers may have received the e-mail with your file attached, twice. That was a glitch; please accept our apologies!

Viewing Data in the CrewBid app for iPad:
If you need to view this data in CrewBid and have already downloaded next month's lines:
In the CrewBid app, with next month's lines visible, tap on the Bid Actions button (top right, looks like a box with an up-arrow), then Vacations, then Check for SWAPtimizer File. This will cause the app to check our server and download the data, which it then applies to your lines.

Integration with the CrewBid app for iPad! (Including Blank Lines)
SWAPtimizer data for vacations is available in the CrewBid app. If you have vacation next month and a current SWAPtimizer subscription, you will see additional menus in CrewBid that give you the ability to sort and filter lines using the same data that is presented in the spreadsheets.

Discounted Pricing Continues!
All SWAPtimizer Gold (annual) subscriptions purchased in 2016 are only $40, a significant discount from our previous prices.

View the CAP:
You can view the CAP for your base/seat, for this month and next month, by logging in. This information is available whether you have vacation or not. It is also included in the e-mail messages when we send our files.

Note on Blank Lines:
We do generate spreadsheets for Blank Lines! If you purchase a subscription for the first round files, you will receive your second round file automatically via e-mail at no additional charge as soon as our files are available (also available for download on the site when you log in).

Please note that our files will be available several hours after the bid lines are published by Crew Planning.

What SWAPtimizer is:
SWAPtimizer® -- the SWA Pilot Vacation Optimizer -- is the first tool available for pilots at Southwest Airlines to fully project all vacation pay, including Vacation Overlap (VO) pay, as you prepare to bid for your vacation month!  Other tools project pay within the vacation week, but since the VO can pay as much as or more than the 26.25 minimum TFP of the vacation week itself, the SWAPtimizer enables you to see the TRUE vacation pay for each bid line, before you bid. Whether you're looking to maximize your total pay, time off, effective vacation length, or vacation pay, or if you're looking to optimize your bid based on multiple goals, we can help.

SWAPtimizer files are spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.  For your base and vacation(s), you will see what each line will pay, your days off, the vacation pay (including projections for overlap as well as the vacation week itself), and a summary of what your month will look like.  You can then sort the lines by various criteria to optimize your bid.

All files for the upcoming month are $20 each.  Annual subscriptions are also available.  All active Southwest pilots are invited to register, and you can view recent spreadsheets and our video help files at no charge.

Microsoft product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

From the SWAPA Forum (Feb 08) "Isn't there someone who has a new vacation biding sort program?"

"Yes -- go to www.swaptimizer.com and sign up. Lines come in excel spreadsheets for easy sorting. It is the vacation bidding program everyone has been waiting for."
Customer Comments: "As long as it's available, I'll never bid vacation without it."
- DAL Captain

"Best 20 bucks I ever spend 3 times a year."
- DAL FO, 45.95 tfp for 1 vacation week

"Great product.  Got me exactly what I wanted, for much more pay than I would have been able to figure out without the spreadsheet."
- OAK FO, 50 tfp for 1 vacation week

"Awesome!!!! Just so you know I got my 1st pick with 91.4 trips and 0 block!!!!  You and your program are rock stars!!!!"
- BWI FO, 91.4 tfp for 2 vacation weeks

"Great work!"
- MCO Captain, 51 tfp for 1 vacation week

"... saved me an unbelievable amount of time."
- BWI FO, 49.9 tfp for 1 vacation week

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